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Georgia Power Commercial

North Carolina Education Lotto

USC School of Cinematic Arts Short // "Gaby" 

Chapman Dodge School of Film // "Next to You" 

HGTV Commercial

"Being Mary Jane" - BET

"Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason" - TLC 

Clips Coming Soon...

"Good Bones" Commercial - HGTV 

"The Night Sitter" -Feature Film

"Superstition" on SYFY/Netflix - Episode 108

"Schoolhouse" Feature-Length Film - Blackhall Studios




Delta Transcon Commercial

Gerber Commercial - Spot 1

Gerber Commercial - Spot 2

"Your Worst Nightmare" - ID Network 

"Superstition" - SyFy Network Commercial

"Sparkling" (2016) San Diego State University Thesis Film 

Holiday Inn Express Commercial

"The Night Sitter" Feature Film Trailer

Wells Fargo Commercial

"Burnt Offering" Trailer

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