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The Hungry Interior Designer

I call this space "The Happy Slice" because you're getting a quick taste of all of the things in my life that bring me joy - things that simply make me happy! If you were to walk into my apartment right now, you would see a beautiful TV stand, cute throw pillows and decorative plants up the ying-yang, yet you would see only a stick of cheese in the fridge and a Cup O' Noodle in the pantry. This has nothing to do with a diet (BELIEVE ME), but everything to do with my impossible priorities. It sounds a little insane, but hear me out!

When I moved here 3 months ago, the forefront of my priorities list was making my little apartment into a home. It's not easy to transplant your life, from everything you have ever known in California, to a strange new land on the opposite end of the country! (Just ask my poor Dad who had to drive me all the way here.) When you come home from a long day of working at the restaurant or (hopefully) a long day on set, you want to be able to unwind, feel safe, feel comfortable, and to wholeheartedly feel at home - regardless of how far away home may be.

So yes, sometimes I go way too long without shopping for groceries, and set aside all of my spare cash on cute decor pieces, but at the end of every one of my days, I cannot wait to curl up on my couch and look around at the happy space I have created. Now, that I'm done furnishing my place, I can really do what is most important: saving!! (and buying groceries consistently). So, even typing it out, I still feel like I sound a little odd, but I've made a little haven for myself, and I'm not complaining!

Looking to decorate your place at an affordable price? I LIVE at Homegoods and Target. It's decor made easy, and oftentimes V cheap. I'll get more into the rest of my apartment on another post to come, but for now, I wanted to share my first ever DIY project that I am actually proud of!

I had this giant space above my bed that needed something. But, what? Everything on that wall was white and square... I needed something odd shaped, with a little bit of color, something that complemented the room... BUT WHAT? I spent hours hunting online and Homegoods, and still felt stuck! So I decided, that it was time to get creative and just make something myself! This project was inspired by an old buddy, Karina Fonzi!

I like to call this baby, YARN ON A STICK:

I want to say IT"S SO EASY!!!!!! But, it was, like, kinda hard.

All of the materials can be purchased at Michael's and everything cost about $44.

I cut this stick that was about 4 ft. long, and measured it to fit nicely above my bed.

BEST PART: I got to pick exactly what colors I wanted above my bed. I didn't have to stick to something that was already created on the shelves at the store. It was customizable, yo!

I picked pinks because I have a few pinks in my room, and selected different shades of pink to give an ombre/gradient look to my piece. (Yeah, I'm using DIY terms, man).

Wrap around the stick, like so! Cut a piece of yarn about a foot longer than you actually want it and double it up. You don't have to tie anything, it just loops around the stick, and you pull it tight! It will totally stay. (Ask me in a few months if it stayed.)

I used this twine to hang the piece from a gold nail in my wall.

Here's the final product! I hung it up on the wall, and I cut the yarn using really sharp scissors in the shape I desired! Not going to lie, a lot of the DIY things I do end up being a little uneven or imperfect, but I think this is just how I am and it's always going to be that way. I try to justify it by saying it gives the piece character, but we all know it's just because I can't cut straight.

You don't have to cut your piece like I did above, so here are a few images from Pinterest that I also LOVE:

Making things makes me happy. So I think I'll keep chasing that feeling in one way or another.

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